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Cobelis Design Studio is owned and run by BA Interior Designer Eleanor Clarke based in Dublin, Ireland. As a spatial designer, Eleanor concentrates on the interior space planning of your home, how it will work best for you and how to make better use of your space to transform the way you live. Focusing on modernising outdated homes, reconfiguring within your existing footprint and/or extending, Eleanor utilises every bit of your space to design a flexible and adaptable home catering for your daily needs and allowing you to have options to ensure that this design is the BEST design option for you and your family.


BA interior designer Eleanor focuses on space planning, utilising every bit of your space to  transform your outdated home into the gem it can be without the additional cost of an extension.



Connection is one of the biggest elements that houses in need of modernisation lack. They are usually made up of several disproportionate sized rooms, each meant for it’s own defining function, isolated from each other. The problem is this layout doesn’t suit how we want to live today. We want our homes to be social, multi functional spaces that allow us to communicate and connect better with the people around us. By correcting the four space planning design fundamentals, flow, functionality, circulation and connection, Eleanor unlocks the full potential of your outdated home, making the best use of your space to delivery the BEST design option.


“I know making permanent and expensive decisions is intensely overwhelming, this is because you are simply afraid to get it wrong. With my Memory Making Method™ I guide you through the design process in a structural format to eliminate your fear and uncertainty on the decisions you will be making.” – Eleanor Clarke


As an architects skill set includes the design of the exterior of your home and an interior designers comprises of specifications on finishes and furnishes,  Eleanor’s design expertise as a spatial designer lays in between. Designing and drawing new conceptual layouts that are functional and practical, reconfiguring within your existing space, Eleanor resolves to design new and better space planning solutions for your home producing floorplans, elevations and 3D visuals, all from the internal perspective of your home and from the perspective of how YOU will use it.

Connecting with her clients, Eleanor uses her unique approach to the design process the Memory Making Method™ building their confidence to gain absolute clarity and understanding of their design that no opportunity has been missed, to create flexible and adaptable homes giving a lifetime of joy and a place to make lasting memories.

The #1 cause of budget over runs when renovating your home is when homeowners rush into the design phase before completing their research and analysis. This research benefits both the homeowner and designer as each get a better understanding of eachother before decisions have to made. When this upfront research is not completed, communication is lost and assumptions are made, resulting in a misdiagnosis and resulting in the most costly long term mistake people can make, having to settle for the wrong design. This reconfiguration outlines the danger of how you can be misdiagnosed the wrong design when you do not understand how your layout will work for you.


By correcting the flow, functionality and circulation of your older home, Eleanor unlocks it’s full potential to make the best use of your space delivering the BEST design option.


We have had clients all over Ireland who went from feeling anxious and overwhelmed when planning the renovation of their older home to constructing their design project with complete confidence and conviction.

Have you just bought an older home in need of modernisation but you don’t know where to start? Start Here. Take the first step, request a free ‘Clarity Call’, and you will learn how to turn your outdated home into the gem it can be.


What People Are Saying

We had decided to build an indoor-outdoor kitchen and socialising room, but we were struggling to get a good layout and flow for the space. Eleanor was able to look at the space with fresh eyes. She listened carefully to our requirements and was then able to guide us towards a practical and workable solution. We are about to start the build, and I am confident that the space is going to function well for our family.
Without Eleanor’s help and outside perspective, I think we would never have moved out of the planning stage. Eleanor has a gift for looking at spaces and seeing all of the possibilities. She can then help you to visualise how the space will look so that you can be confident in your decisions.
I wholeheartedly recommend Eleanor.

Kate Hatherell

Living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 children is not easy. We were living in the middle of a mess every day and evening, the living area was closing in on us and it was getting me down. Eleanor from came to our rescue and all it took was one consultation and there was light, we took her advice and we have never looked back, it’s amazing how the little things can make a big difference.
Thank you Eleanor, you are AMAZING and your service is top quality, we’d highly recommend you and can’t wait until we meet again!

Louise McGovern

Eleanor did a fantastic job of designing our new kitchen. She devised a clever and functional design that made full use of the space available and radically improved the flow of the room, whilst still meeting our storage needs. We are delighted with the kitchen and couldn’t be happier with how well it works. Eleanor was professional, efficient and helpful throughout the process and we would absolutely recommend her.

Rebecca Syme

Where to start, from our first chat with Eleanor right up to presentation day we could not have asked for more. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and forthcoming with ideas and suggestions. Eleanor took our ideas and was in a position to show us a visual of what we could achieve. We would have no hesitation in recommending Cobelis for any of your design/redesign needs.

Amy Clarke, Bray

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