If you are thinking about getting a new kitchen you may already know that it can be an overwhelming decision. There are a lot of things to think about and you can quickly become swamped with abundance of information which most may be irrelevant to your kitchen. Here are a few tips to simplify the information and decisions you need to make. Think of these as bullet points rather than trying to visualise the design yourselves.


1. Chose Your Style
Chose a style of kitchen you like, be it traditional, contemporary, handless or painted. Deciding a style of door for your kitchen gives the kitchen designer a starting point for your kitchen design. Handleless style kitchens are designed very differently from a traditional style kitchen as they both have very different vibes and features.

2. Chose Your Appliances
Make a list of the appliance you want to put into the new kitchen. Eye level oven, integrated microwave, range cooker, you may want an american fridge. Again, this all these will help your kitchen designer to create the dream kitchen you are after.

3. Your Wish List
Have a look at you existing kitchen. Ask yourself what is it that you dislike about it. Do you want more storage, more worktop space for serving. Is your space big enough for an island, if so do you want to sit at it? Do you want your hob or sink in it?

4. Your Budget
Budget is very important when designing your kitchen. Obviously, there is the cost for your kitchen but there are other costs that some people may forget to take into consideration. Plumbing and electrical are usually the main additional costs but they are others such as a skip for the removal of your existing kitchen, your flooring may be needed to be replaced, new wall tiles and light fixtures may be required.