Where to start with a complete interior make over

Where to start with a complete interior make over

Where do I begin? Where do I start? I have too much to do! I have a small budget!

When you have many things that you want to have done to your home, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the thought of doing anything. Sometimes it is as simple as taking a step back to analyse the situation and each issue step by step. First of all, break it down room by room. That way you won’t feel too overwhelmed by the whole process. Which room is the most important to get right, which room is effecting you the most, which room needs to change or needs your attention the most.


Below are tips to consider before starting a home makeover.

1. Plan
Plan, Plan, Plan. Planning is so important. You have to have a vision, an idea, a thought process. This keeps you focused on a schedule and gives you a vision of the room you are working on. What is it that you want to achieve, what do you want to get out of what you are doing? How long to you want to get out of it?

2. Color Scheme
Picking a colour scheme  or style for a room can be difficult. This is chosen by one, what style you like and secondly what is staying in the room.  If something is staying in the room you then have a starting point. Look at the colours in it. Pick a colour, texture or shade from the piece and let that lead your decision, allowing the rest of the room to bleed off that. If you are starting with a blank convas then research and collect images of interiors and styles that you like and pick out elements from the images and work from there.

3. Budget
Decide on the budget you are going to allocate to each room to. Once you have a budget, you can break it down. Deciding on which pieces you are going to invest in and which would be the most expensive items. Look at what you can recycle from other rooms with your home, sometimes moving things around can change the vibe of a room an this would keep your budget down, bonus! Right?

You will spend the rest of your life doing up your home so enjoy this process. Enjoy taking your time, there is no need to rush…… unless the whole family are coming for Christmas!!

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