Hi Everyone,

How is everybody doing now that we are into the second week of isolation? We are busy here juggling our new routine of home schooling, working from home with three children under your feet and keeping our sanity in check.  But the most important thing is we are all healthy and well and we will aim to keep it like that. This is a very stressful and an uncertain for everyone but it is important for you to remember you can only control the controllable and you can not control this situation. So in order to give us some structure and comfort we look at what we can control, in this case it is our environment. You can choose what you surround yourself with and what you see everyday, for now this is your home so let’s make the most of it.

1. Declutter

Get rid of the dead weight. There is nothing more satisfying than going through your things and organising it. Start small, start will a shelf in the sitting room or the kitchen and go from there. Clear out your wardrobe that you have been putting off months, I’m telling you will feel so much better for it.


2. Zone It Up

With the new demands on your home such as home schooling, home office as well as the usual activities it is more and more important to zone your space. Make new space for yourself, give each zone a definite function, no, the home office area is not where you play with the play dough! Zoning will give yourself the feeling of structure and in control.


3. Tidy Up

With more people at home now for longer periods things are bound to be noisier, chaotic and much more messier. At the end of each day it is a good idea to do a good tidy up. Put everything back in their right places. Get the kids involved, even the little ones, after all they are the ones that made the mess, right. Also, this will entertain them for another little while so it’s a win win! Tidying up will also give you a better environment for the evening time, it will give you a sense of completion and you will be able switch off, put your feet up and relax …with that glass of wine.


4. Let It Shine

One of the positives (and there are many) of this situation is the weather. Spring is coming, the sun is shining and with the clocks going forward this weekend the evenings are going to be much brighter. Let as much light as you can into your home, draw the curtain, pull up the blinds, open some windows and let’s breathe in some fresh air! Your home will be much more brighter and feel bigger. Let the outside in. Use the garden as much as possible, people tend to forget this is also another room to your home.


5. Rearrange Furniture

Something as simple as moving your furniture around into a different a position can have such a traumatic effect to your environment. As they say a change is just as good as a rest. Try rearranging your furniture, look at the room from different perspective, moving the couch around, move the dining room table, it will make a difference.


6. Give Yourself Space

Give yourself more floor space. In order to make the best use of your space you need to give yourself space. Try getting everything off the floor. If possible get a bracket (online) for your T.V and wall mounted it.  Replace floor storage cabinets with shelving systems, removing rugs will give your flooring a better continued flow and you space will feel much bigger.


I hope this helps you with your space and most importantly keeps your mind active.

Stay safe and stay at home.


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