Taking on the task of a home renovation project can be a very dauting and overwhelming process as for many this may be the first time they have taken on a project of its kind. When you haven’t done a renovation project before the process and language used can seem very confusing and off putting to the point that you may actually freeze and not do anything with your home. In order to make your renovation experience more comfortable and easier a process should be put into place.

A design process is a clear, planned roadmap to help clients visualise the different steps it will take to deliver their project from the beginning right through to completion of your services. It should be organised, easy to understand to the point that it is nearly transparent so that clients can understand how and why you work in that way and how it benefits them.


Why is a design process important to your renovation or building project?

Here are three reasons why a design process is absolutely necessary for every design project:

1. Communication

Communication is a key part of any relationship you may have and it is even more so on a construction site, this is because it can be the main source of a lot of dramas within a construction project for the simply reason assumptions are made about things that aren’t communicated very clearly– or things that are not communicated at all.

2. Sets Expectations

A design process establishes the project deliverables and deadlines between you and your client. The client will know exactly what to expect from you (and what not to expect) and when to expect it, eliminating miscommunication and stress further now the line of the project.

3. Gives Confidence

As for many clients as this may be the first time they are carrying out a project like this, they simply do not know what is evolved or what is takes to carry ideas and thoughts through to a completed design. Allowing your clients to see the roadmap of what is head of them before the any work is carried out can put them at ease as they will have a better understanding as to what is ahead and when it will happen.


Cobelis Design Studio Process


“We design your home to make better use of the space helping you to make lasting memories by using our unique design process, the Memory Making Method™”


Using her unique design process, the Memory Making Method™, Eleanor’s clients are no longer afraid that they will get it wrong as she gains a greater understanding and knowledge of her clients problems and aspirations to guide them through the design process, revealing how they will use their home, today, tomorrow and in the future so that you become 100% confident that this is the BEST design option for YOU.



Step 1: Clarity Call

First, we schedule a free phone call where it gives you a chance to discuss your project with Eleanor, ask questions and gain clarity on any concerns you may have. It also gives Eleanor an opportunity to explain my design process and see if you are a suitable fit for each other.

Step 2: Vision Discovery

The Vision Discovery is Eleanor’s diagnosis step, in order to prescribe you a design Eleanor first needs to diagnosis your problems. Eleanor will extract your exact design brief for you to be able to see and communicate your vision in a clear and precise manner. She will get an insight into you and your family, all your thoughts, dreams, ideas, likes and dislikes about how you live and you want to live. All her research and results that she finds are presented to you in a report. This report is now your BRIEF.

Step 3: Design Concept

Once your brief is formed, Eleanor can start designing for you. First drafting up the existing layout in CAD to scale which will enable Eleanor to design new layouts for the area in question. She will design several floor plan options based on the established brief to explore various space planning solutions and options that will BEST suit you. You will then meet to discuss your preliminary design options.

Step 4: Design Vision

After reviewing the preliminary plans, Eleanor revises your favourite design, then designs relevant elevations and render 3D images to suit. You meet again to present your design vision.

Step 5: Design Package

At this stage Eleanor makes adjustments to your design, if necessary and prepare a drawing package for tender purposes for you to get an exact cost for your design project. Your drawing package can also be used to present to an architect or an engineer for construction and or planning permission drawings to be completed.


What does this mean for your renovation or building project?

We know you are extremely nervous to make permanent decisions and this is because you are simply afraid you will get it wrong. Our process focuses on building your confidence using Eleanor’s unique design approach, the Memory Making Method™.  Eleanor unlocks the full potential of her clients home by using her expertise in space planning so that everyone can come to the same agreement on the BEST option to maximise the return on design.

Have you just bought an older home in need of modernisation but you don’t know where to start? Start Here. Take the first step, request a free ‘Clarity Call’, and you will learn more about how my unique design process the Memory Making Method™ can turn your outdated home into the gem it can be.



PS. Do you have floor plans of your new build but you are having doubts about your layout. I can help you. I offer a Design Diagnosis Discussion to people who are having doubts on their purposed design, who are unsure if their space is being used to it’s full potential or are looking for a second option on their floor plans.