The danger of being misdiagnosed the wrong design

The danger of being misdiagnosed the wrong design

The #1 cause of budget over runs when renovating your home is when homeowners rush into the design phase before completing their research and analysis. This research benefits both the homeowner and designer as each get a better understanding of each other before decisions have to made.

When this upfront research is not completed, communication is lost and assumptions are made, resulting in a misdiagnosis and resulting in the most costly long term mistake people can make, having to settle for the wrong design. This reconfiguration outlines the danger of how you can be misdiagnosed the wrong design when you do not understand how your layout will work for you.

The consequence of now doing your upfront research is like building a house on bad foundations or just like a Doctor rushing a patient to surgery without a proper diagnosis! For my client I would rather me the doctor on their project than the ambulance.

To watch the full video of how I rescued this layout of being misdiagnosed the wrong design, CLICK HERE



What does this mean for your renovation or building project?

We know you are extremely nervous to make permanent decisions and this is because you are simply afraid you will get it wrong. Our process focuses on building your confidence using Eleanor’s unique design approach, the Memory Making Method™.  Eleanor unlocks the full potential of her clients home by using her expertise in space planning so that everyone can come to the same agreement on the BEST option to maximise the return on design.

Have you just bought an older home in need of modernisation but you don’t know where to start? Start Here. Take the first step, request a free ‘Clarity Call’, and you will learn more about how my unique design process the Memory Making Method™ can turn your outdated home into the gem it can be.



PS. Do you have floor plans of your new build but you are having doubts about your layout. I can help you. I offer a Design Diagnosis Discussion to people who are having doubts on their purposed design, who are unsure if their space is being used to it’s full potential or are looking for a second option on their floor plans.