“I am the part of the design that you can’t see! I am the flow, the function, the movement. I am the part that you feel, the sense of relief, the trusting HUG.”

By connecting and understanding her clients, Eleanor Clarke creates homes that welcomes you each morning with a big trusting HUG. Designing functional and creative designs, Eleanor helps transform the way they live and use their home, by making better use of their internal space.

Using her unique approach, the ‘Memory Making Method’ Eleanor helps clients imagine what life would be like living in their home now and in the future, giving you absolute clarity and comfort that this design is the one for you. Knowing how your home will work and feel for you and your family before you spend a penny on the build will give you confidence in your project and gain control of your renovation.

                    ” I can see you living there before you have even started making memories.”