“I am the part before the styling, the colours, the furniture specifications. I am not the Instagram perfect pictures. I am the part that no one sees until the mistakes are made. I am the core of the design, the flow, the function. I am the part that you feel, the sense of relief, the trust, the HUG. I am on your side.”

Eleanor Clarke studied Interior Design in DIT Mountjoy Square, receiving a BA in Interior Design. Having gained an extensive range of design experience working for different architectural and kitchen design studios in Dublin, Eleanor Clarke came to the realisation that each of her clients suffered from the same difficulties. Be it a new kitchen layout, a bigger living area, a new extension or figuring out the arrangement of a new build, their design problems were ultimately the same. Space, flow and function. From this evaluation, Cobelis was born.

Even though the issues are the same, the solutions couldn’t be more different. This is because we look at each individual space and see how it can be reconfigured to suit your family and the needs it most meet.

“I see the design before you even know what you want. I see you living there before you have even started making memories.”