Design is about more than just the aesthetics

Cobelis is the evolution of Eleanor Clarke’s over 10 years experience in interior design and the profound revelation that so many homeowners are simply living in houses that do not work for their needs. Specialising in residential space planning, our aim is to optimise the space you have by redesigning your home to create better connections between you and your home and most importantly between you and your family. We study and analysis how your space will be determined and defined, correcting the flow and circulation path throughout your home to accommodate your functions and needs making your life much easier, more comfortable and much more enjoyable.

                        ” I can see you living there before you have even started making memories.”

Understanding the frustrations and emotions you feel when your home does not work for you, simply from her own personal experience, Eleanor redesigns homes that are both functional and sociable to suit today’s lifestyle. Using her unique approach, the Memory Making Method™ Eleanor guides clients through the design process and each design solution, unlocking the potential of your home thus increasing the liveability and value of your house.

Why is Space Planning so important?

The consequences of an inadequate space plan is like building a house on bad foundations, the foundations are the most important part because everything else is built on top. When your home does not work for you, you can be left feeling frustrated, desperate and emotional. On the contrary, when your home works well for you, the sense of relief not only makes you love living there, but it can also make your life much easier, more comfortable and much more enjoyable. When time is not given to study how the space will work for you and your family, oversights happening and mistakes are made. It is very expensive to change ‘the foundations’ once you have started to build on them which can either cost you more money or worse you will have to settle on a design that does not work for you.

By taking the first step, request an ‘Ask The Expert’ call, you will be moving in the right direction to get the home that works for you.