Why Go With Eleanor?


The Memory Making Method™


Renovating a home is stressful and overwhelming because you are making permanent and expensive decisions. It is extremely worrying and scary because you are simply afraid you could get it wrong and that is because you can, Eleanor has seen it happen many times and it is not pretty, it is painful and expensive.

Connecting with her clients, by using her unique approach to the design process the Memory Making Method™, Eleanor gains a greater understanding and knowledge of her clients problems and aspirations to guide them through the design process, revealing how they will use their home, today, tomorrow and in the future, building her clients confidence up to gain absolute clarity and understanding of their design so they become 100% confident that this is the best design option for them so there are no longer afraid that they will get it wrong. 


Our Process

Stage 1: Clarity Call

We schedule a clarity call where it gives you a chance to discuss your project with me, ask questions and gain clarity on any concerns you may have. It also gives me an opportunity to explain my design process and see if you are a suitable fit for each other.


Stage 2: Your Reconfiguration Review™

Your Reconfiguration Review™ is my pre-design diagnosis step. This step will help you gain a clear vision on what can be achieved within your budget and your existing space and to develop a clear understanding and roadmap to a good design that you will have for the rest of your life.

*At this point no sketches or concepts designs are provided.


Stage 3: Conceptual Design

I investigate different reconfiguration solutions to make the most of your space to include what you really need and explore the different design options.
I showcase designs and ideas that won’t work to help you understand and build your confidence on the design that will work best for you. This is why I spend a little more time at the conceptual stage, so mistakes are not made and prevent you from being misdiagnosed the wrong design.


Stage 4; Visualisation

If you want to understand the design so you don’t build the wrong thing and have live to regret it, I recommend that you obtain a 3D visualisation of your home. I can model this space to show you, your home from every angle so you can feel what it’s like to be in it before it is built.


Stage 5: Design Development

After reviewing your concept plans, best design revised to produce final plan with relevant elevations to suit and demo plan. I will plan out the different spaces to provide a detailed layout so you can then use the drawings to obtain a more precise costing from a contractor.


Stage 6: Design Assist

I assist you in finalising the permanent fixtures and fitting for your home i.e the kitchen, lighting and flooring.


Is Your Home Working For You?


If your home is not working for you, let’s have a chat. Book a free ‘Clarity Call’ with Eleanor, to discover how to gain clarity on your options and enjoy a home you are proud of.



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