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” Space planning is the foundation of what your interior design is built on, you can not afford to get it wrong.”


After graduating from DIT with a BA in interior design and 13 years experience in design, I saw a massive issue in the construction industry where homeowners simply didn’t understand the consequence of their new designs proposed to them by their architect or designer.  For many homeowners, this would result in them being misdiagnosed the wrong design or worse, they would not fully understand the errors of the design until after the build was complete, but by then it was too late and ultimately they were forced to settle for the wrong design.

From this evaluation and knowing I could save homeowners an awful lot of time, stress and money simply by educating them about their space planning, I set up my design business in 2018 and Cobelis Design Studio was born. I set about and continue to spend the word, not just about how important space planning is to the design of your home but also the importance of you understanding how the spatial design of your layout will work for YOU.

I am married to Alan and we have three very happy, energetic children, Cooper, Bonnie and Ellis who are made up that their mammy’s business is named after them, even if Bonnie is disgusted that only the letter ‘B’ of her name made it.

A little fun fact about me is, still after all these years some of my oldest college friends still call me ‘Nerdy’, a nickname stemmed from when my dad used to call me ‘Elea-nerd’ when I was at school, it makes total sense!

It doesn’t matter how luxurious and fabulous your finishes and furnishes are or how amazing your home looks from the outside, none of these can compensate if the interior space planning of your home does not work. This is because space planning is the most important step within the interior design process, it is the foundation of what your interior design is built on, you can not afford to get it wrong. It is about defining how the space will be used based on what will suit your needs. Space planning influences how you will move around your home comfortably and with ease, it considers the relationship between you and each room through the four design fundamental elements, the flow, function, circulation and connection.

Just like the skeleton of your body, space planning are the bones of your design, you don’t notice either when they work but you know all about it when you a break a leg.

“For me, design is not about the ‘pretty picture’, it is about how your home works for you, the bones of it, the structure, how it makes you feel and ultimately how you feel in your home.”


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