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“We are passionate about design and love creating new spaces, transforming the way people use their home for the better”



Eleanor’s interior design journey started when she graduated from DIT with a BA in interior design and walked straight into the aftermath of the 2008 global recession. Gaining some experience working for a couple of architectural firms Eleanor was given an opportunity to manage a new high end kitchen showroom. I was completely thrown into the deep end, it was very much the case of either sink or swim and boy did she swim, quick and fast! This is where her passion for residential design really began.

It was from years of designing kitchens, that Eleanor learnt the importance of space planning, the importance of not just concentrating on one design element, she always questioned what happens around it, how does the traffic flow, how do you circulate from it, to it, around it?


“Eleanor also came to the realisation that each of her clients suffered from the same problem. Be it a new kitchen, a bigger living space or a new extension, their design problems were ultimately the same, the space of their home simply did not facilitate their needs, it did not work for them. From this evaluation, Cobelis Design Studio was born.”


It doesn’t matter how luxurious and fabulous your finishes and furnishes are or how amazing your home looks from the outside, none of these can compensate if the interior space planning of your home does not work. This is because space planning is the most important step within the interior design process, it is the foundation of what your interior design is built on, you can not afford to get it wrong. It is about defining how the space will be used based on what will suit your needs. Space planning influences how you will move around your home comfortably and with ease, it considers the relationship between you and each room through the four design fundamental elements, the flow, function, circulation and connection.

Just like the skeleton of your body, space planning are the bones of your design, you don’t notice either when they work but you know all about it when you a break a leg.


“For me, design is not about the ‘pretty picture’, it is about how your home works for you, the bones of it, the structure, how it makes you feel and ultimately how you feel in your home.”



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