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We approached Eleanor in Cobelis with feelings of frustration, annoyance and becoming over whelmed with our design process, in the hope we would receive new found direction. The background of our story is we have an old cottage where we approached an architect, which designed a fabulous design but was out of budget. We felt we were not listened to, it got us excited but it wasn’t possible and also the design wasn’t suited to our site, which was hard to get our head around. In a moment of despair we found Cobelis, Eleanor just got us, we had a long consult and Eleanor came back to me with what I could only call the lightbulb moment. Our design finally made sense, a smaller footprint that was more manageable saving us thousands.

Eleanor’s design just made sense and we were almost annoyed we hadn’t done this earlier. We will be forever grateful to her and would highly recommend her for reconfiguring your spatial needs.

Aine O'Sullivan

‘While we loved our house we knew it could be better, the house just wasn’t working for us. We had plenty of space, but it wasn’t being well utilised. A small dark kitchen at the back with barely enough space for two people in it and a sunroom that altered between freezing cold in the winter and sweltering hot in the summer. We knew there was a huge amount of potential in the house, but we couldn’t see a way to make it work for us. We weren’t sure whether we could get what we needed from the house, or whether we should start looking for something bigger.

We had spoken to an architect previously, but the project cost which we had gotten back was a multiple of our budget and while it gave more space, it still left us with questions, but we could see that we didn’t need an additional 40msq of space to the house. Our problem wasn’t really about how much area there was in the house, it was that it wasn’t been used in a way that met our needs.

We had heard from a friend of what service Eleanor provided, and the idea of getting more from what we had appealed to us. After looking at her website and the initial chat we were really excited about the possibilities. Eleanor was very engaging from the start of the process. She seemed excited by the opportunities that the redevelopment represented, which in turn filled us with optimism of what we could get from the project. Eleanor teased out the details of exactly what we really needed from the house, offering insight and guidance as to what could and couldn’t work, to designing (and redesigning) the plans to achieve the design we needed. We are super happy with the result of the project, and nearly three years of living with the new design we feel it really gives us what we need.

Before our redesign we were unsure whether we should stay in the house, now we are definitely at home here, for many years to come!

We absolutely love the house since the refurbishment, and we couldn’t have achieved it without Eleanor.’

Alisa Timis

We knew we wanted to change the layout of our house. We have a lot of space but are not using it to its maximum potential and kept going around in circles about the best way to improve our living space. We weren’t sure whether we were better off speaking to an architect, an interior designer, or simply a builder. We were daunted by the whole process and really didn’t know where to start. We had engaged with an architect previously but weren’t blown away with the ideas they came up with. We needed ideas and guidance that took all of our needs into consideration – space, budget, family dynamic, what we wanted to use each space for etc . We came across the Cobelis website and what Eleanor offered ticked all of the boxes of what we were looking for.

From our first meeting, Eleanor clearly laid out the service she provides, the steps involved, the input she needed from us and what she would provide us with. That in itself eased some of the stress we were feeling. Eleanor asked things that we hadn’t even considered could impact on our decisions, taking into consideration what we want for ourselves, for the children, the flow of traffic through the house, how the changes we make now would suit our lives in the future. Her approach of providing plans that wouldn’t work is a brilliant way to eliminate the “what if” feeling and confirm that the final plan is the one we definitely want. And the 3D imagery brought it all to life in a way we didn’t expect and provided a visual of what could be which was amazing. Eleanor also provides the option to revisit the plans one more time to make any changes which is essential as it is good to have time to reflect on them and make sure it’s exactly what we want.

We are now in the process of receiving quotes from builders (who were very impressed by the plans Eleanor provided) and we can’t wait to start making Eleanor’s plans our reality.

John Howlin

After being through a number of consultations with various companies, we were still unsatisfied with the solutions being proposed. However, after our consultations with Eleanor and going through the process with her, we have a much clearer understanding of what our needs actually are and what solutions make sense. Eleanor ensured that we really thought about what we wanted and why, and her proposals really make us feel confident that the design is right for us now and into the future as our family grows.

Catriona Addie

We engaged Eleanor following the purchase of our new home. The original house had been heavily extended but the layout did not suit our family needs. Eleanor took the time to understand our requirements and designed a plan which far exceeded our expectations. Work is well underway and the clarity of her design has ensured there were no unexpected bumps in the road. Would highly recommend for anyone who needs to rework their home to maximise its potential. Thanks a mil. Laura

Laura Wall

I found myself facing into the daunting prospect of my ground floor apartment being internally demolished as part of remediation for pyrite. These works would have seen my apartment being rebuilt exactly as it was but a friend suggested I take the opportunity to look at the design and how I used the space. There is only so much I would be able to do to redesign an apartment, or so I thought. Eleanor’s core message of making the most of an existing space resonated with me and my situation, and from our first conversation I felt reassured and supported. My lifestyle, habits, preferences, and aspirations were considered throughout the process and Eleanor’s designs and suggestions made me notice things about myself which I had never paid attention to before. This has culminated in a space which feels more like home than it ever did before and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Niall McLaughlin

Really enjoyed working with Eleanor in getting our design together over the past 6 weeks. At the beginning we knew we wanted to improve our apartment but didn’t know what or where to start ! Following Eleanor’s process helped us to uncover what is most important to us as a small family, how best to maximise space and we arrived at the best design for us. The design looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see what this looks like in reality as it gets built over the next few months.

Eamonn McEntee

Where to start, from our first chat with Eleanor right up to presentation day we could not have asked for more. Professional, friendly, knowledgeable and forthcoming with ideas and suggestions. Eleanor took our ideas and was in a position to show us a visual of what we could achieve. We would have no hesitation in recommending Cobelis for any of your design/redesign needs.
Amy Clarke, Bray

We are extremely grateful to Eleanor for her expertise. We had a good idea of what we wanted in our redesigned kitchen and Eleanor guided us through some options that we had not thought of. In addition to refining the layout, she designed clever storage solutions to make the most of the space.
The result is stunning and we couldn’t be happier. We wholeheartedly recommend her.
David and Denise Mooney, Castleknock, Dublin 15

During the renovation of our house, I met with Eleanor to design and layout the kitchen to meet our needs as a family with young kids. While I was more interested in finishes and shelves, Eleanor ensured we agreed on a layout and functionality that would work from a practical perspective. The end product was a well designed, functional and fabulous kitchen with lots of design features that makes life so much easier in a busy home. She was professional, enthusiastic and efficient and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for clever, functional and stylish solutions for their home.
David & Kara Richardson, Cabinteely

Eleanor did a wonderful job designing our kitchen. She took into consideration our need to maximise the amount of counter space within a limited footprint. As we have a south facing kitchen her design maximised the natural light delivering a bright and airy space. She thought of clever ways to incorporate useful storage, making use of every available inch while keeping our kitchen streamlined, modern and clutter free. The finishes she suggested are easy to maintain and won’t date quickly. Overall we are extremely happy with the finished product and would happily work with Eleanor again.
Brian & Emma Harte, Fairview

We had decided to build an indoor-outdoor kitchen and socialising room, but we were struggling to get a good layout and flow for the space. Eleanor was able to look at the space with fresh eyes. She listened carefully to our requirements and was then able to guide us towards a practical and workable solution. We are about to start the build, and I am confident that the space is going to function well for our family.
Without Eleanor’s help and outside perspective, I think we would never have moved out of the planning stage. Eleanor has a gift for looking at spaces and seeing all of the possibilities. She can then help you to visualise how the space will look so that you can be confident in your decisions.
I wholeheartedly recommend Eleanor.
Kate Hatherell

Cobelis is to highly recommended, they were efficient, delightful to deal with, and helped me enormously with a project I was entering on and did not have a lot of information about.
They were professionable in their approach to the project, met the deadlines and advised well on budgetary matters.
I would recommend them.
Marlene Sullivan

Living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 children is not easy. We were living in the middle of a mess every day and evening, the living area was closing in on us and it was getting me down. Eleanor from @cobelis.ie came to our rescue and all it took was one consultation and there was light, we took her advice and we have never looked back, it’s amazing how the little things can make a big difference.
Thank you Eleanor @cobelis.ie, you are AMAZING and your service is top quality, we’d highly recommend you and can’t wait until we meet again!
Louise McGovern

Eleanor did a fantastic job of designing our new kitchen. She devised a clever and functional design that made full use of the space available and radically improved the flow of the room, whilst still meeting our storage needs. We are delighted with the kitchen and couldn’t be happier with how well it works. Eleanor was professional, efficient and helpful throughout the process and we would absolutely recommend her.
Rebecca Syme


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