Our process takes your fear out of making permanent decisions

The problem many homeowners face when reconfiguring your home is you are extremely nervous about making permanent decisions because you don’t know what is and isn’t possible to best suit your needs. You find it hard to visualise how your home will look and feel before you spend a large amount of money on your renovation. You are simply afraid to get it wrong. With our Fab Four steps we guide you through the design process with vision and reassurance giving you the confidence that everyone can come to the same agreement on the BEST design option.

What is the Space Planning process?

The principle of space planning is a complex process as there are many factors to consider when designing. It is important that this process happens at the very early stages of your design process. The space planning process is about juggling the functions and zones of your space, working out the best circulation paths and creating comfortable traffic flows, considering the position of permanent fixtures, storage and sizes, all the while considering your relationship, your emotion and your psychological needs. We at Cobelis look at your home from your perspective, adapting the design to suit your needs and wants, optimising your space in the best way possible, ultimately transforming the way you live and use your home for the better.

By taking the first step, request an ‘Ask The Expert’ call, you will be moving in the right direction to get the home that works for you.